Lamb Fairytale Costume

Dress Your Little Girl as a Sweet Nursery Rhyme!

Mary had a Little Lamb girl's outfitAny lamb fairytale costume that you buy will have its own sense of charm. The details and designs of these costumes are perfect for Halloween events. These costumes are also great for Christmas celebrations and Easter pastoral scenes. They add to any shepherd’s theme party.

Little girls will love to dress in the cute outfits of Little Bo Peep and Mary Had A Little Lamb. These fun ensembles come with cute and functional accessories they can use when playing dress up. Let’s check out a couple:

Mary Had A Little Lamb Child Costume

This great costume is a tribute to its character. The details of this ensemble add to the overall look. The lavender dress is designed with lovely sleeves and ruffle trim. Attached to the dress you will find a checkered apron. The bloomers and headband accessories add a lot to this outfit.

Little Bo Peep Toddler CostumeThis costume also includes a fluffy lamb bag to compliment the ensemble. The costume is available in these sizes: 4X-6X.

Little Bo Peep Toddler/Child Costume

This Little Bo Peep pastoral farm costume offering is a wonderful purchase for parties. The vivid pink and white dress is adorable. The laced bodice is a great accent. There is an also attached puffy sleeve with this design. The layered skirt works well with the bloomers and ruffle details.

The bonnet of this costume completes this theme perfectly. This costume is available in these great sizes: 2T-3T, XS 4-5, S 6-6X, and M 7-8. Toy Story Little Bo Peep
Sizes: 3T-4T, 4-6X, 7-8

Toy Story Little Bo Peep girls costumeThe cutest character in Toy Story, Bo Peep is the sweet and steadfast girlfriend of Woody in the original Toy Story. Like a classical shepherdess, she provides comfort and guidance to the Toy Story crew. She plays the damsel in distress when Andy plays with her, but by herself, she show a feisty streak by using her crook to snag her cowboy.

The Bo Peep child costume, officially licensed by Disney, includes a character pink and blue dress, blue bloomers, and a matching hat and shepherdess crook. Note that the crook is quite small – you may wish to purchase a larger one, as Bo uses in the movie.

Cute pink lamb baby costumePink Lamb Infant Costume

A shepherdess is no shepherd without sheep! If your girl has a smaller sibling or friend, dress them in an infant lamb costume! The sight will melt your heart.

The chenille fur jumpsuit in this set has authentic looking legs, tummy, and cuffs. The furry appearance is complimented by the matching headpiece, and completed with beautiful satin bows. This costume can be purchased in these sizes: 6-12mos.

Did you know that the world’s first recording was the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb? Thomas Edison, trying to fine-tune the telegraph transmitter, noticed that the tape in the machine was giving off noise when played back. Experimenting further with a stylus and tinfoil cylinder, he spoke the nursery rhyme, and was amazed when his voice played back! The discovery brought him world-side fame. (Sadly, the original test recording no longer exists.)

Shepherds and predators feature in a lot of folktales and stories, such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Jesus’ parable of the Good Shepherd.

Some popular cartoons such as the Looney Tunes include the recognizable characters Ralph and Sam (The coyote and the sheep dog.) The sheep Sam guarded were often pictured chomping away in a grassy meadow, and unknowingly picked up in an attempted theft by Ralph (always thwarted, of course!)

Shaun the Sheep is a more modern character brought to life by British animation. His friend is the over-worked shepherd dog Blitzer, and together they try to keep the flock out of trouble.

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